You will hopefully have seen that the renovation project has started, the building has been scaffolded and the new roof slates are replacing the tired and worn ones! We have recently reached our target with the help of some generous donations and a series of grants. The following awarding bodies have contributed as follows: The George and Maisie Blackburn Fund have awarded us £20,000 The Garfield Weston Foundation have awarded us £10,000 The National Churches Trust has also awarded us £10,000 These 3 awards bring the total amount of grants awarded for the roof restoration to £48,450. This funding, which when combined with monies from the sale of some long-term investments and the money we have fundraised, has allowed us to instruct a specialist roofing company to commence work. We expect that the work will be completed in early 2020. Look out for further updates when it is nearing completion! Ian Fraser, Church Warden
#Pray For The Roof Please pray for St Paul’s Church roof – that the damage doesn’t get any worse; that we get positive responses from current funding bids; and give thanks for people who have made donations.
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