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Progress Update on St. Paul’s Church Roof Fund

Published 18-Jan-19 Church Events

by Paul Barfoot

St. Paul’s roof is leaking and is in desperate need of renovation. We have been raising funds to pay for this roof project for over five years.

We have held a number of community events that have been very enjoyable and have helped to raise money including, the InUnison, Oktoberfest and Gemma Doyle concerts. The Christmas market has also been a popular event. We have also received generous gifts, donations and legacies that have enabled us to make progress towards our target.

However, we are unable to start work on the roof until we have all the funds in place. Unfortunately, although we have made steady progress, we are still have a long way to go to reach our target.

In recent weeks we have approached a number of different organisations to seek their support. I am pleased to report that three organisations have awarded us varying amounts of money for the project.

1) We have approached house building companies in the village, and have received a donation of £250 from Miller Homes who are currently developing the Blackfield Green site on Church Road.

2) We have received a grant from the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund. This award was for £1,000. This is a charity set up with the consent of Her Majesty The Queen to benefit causes primarily within the County Palatine.

3) We have also received a grant of £2,200 from Allchurches Trust which is one of the UK's largest grant-making charities and gave £15.6 million to churches, charities and communities in 2017. Its funds come from its ownership of the ‘Ecclesiastical Insurance Group’.

These grants are in addition to an earlier grant from a local charity, the George and Maisie Blackburn Fund(George’s Garage) who awarded us £5,000 last year.

As a result the total for the grants that St. Paul’s roof fund has received, to date, stands at £8,450.


A big Thank You to everyone who has supported us through either direct donations or by supporting our fundraising activies. There's plenty more to do and we will keep you updated on progress.


Ian Fraser, Church Warden



Night-time shots of our Church

Published 21-Feb-16 Church Events

by Paul Barfoot

Recently a local amateur photographer sent us this fabulous night-time picture of our Church.

St. Paul's, Warton at night
St. Paul's, Warton at night - click on the picture above to see a higher resolution version


Here, in Jon Byles Hardman's own words, is how he came to take it:

"Hi Mike.

We heard that you weren't feeling too good, so thought you might appreciate a smile.

Firstly, Milly's christening went very well, and the service was lovely. Many thanks to your "stand-in" on the day, who was brilliant. If you can let him know that the hot pot was excellent, and its a shame he couldn't join us....

Anyhow, completely unrelated, you may remember that it snowed a few weeks ago, and after our chat about me wanting to get a long exposure photograph of the church, I considered it a great opportunity.

I didn't get out of our house till quite late on, however, when I got to the church thee was a beautiful layer of snow on the ground, the roof, and a dusting on all the brickwork. The floodlights were lighting it up superbly, and the scene resembled the perfect Christmas scene for a Christmas card. You get the idea.

I set up my tripod, correct lens on camera, ISO and aperture settings checked, lens cap off, remote shutter release in hand, I raise my thumb to depress the shutter......and........ YOUR FLOODLIGHTS TURNED OFF !

I now realise that they must be on a timer, and 10.30 pm is their time for switching off.

I'll be honest, it made me laugh, despite the frostbitten fingers....

So, I ventured out last night. No snow I'm afraid, however I got a shot which I quite like.

It's on my Flickr page if you want to have a look.

If you'd like a print of it, let me know,

And please feel free to put it on the website if you see fit. 

As I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I've got another one, which is slightly lighter, so its up to you which you think works best. (sending separately, as Gmail doesnt like large files)

On a serious note, its a beautiful church, and I hope the pic does it justice. I hope to get some more soon, and would love to get some of the interior at some point.

Hope you are feeling better, and hope to speak soon


Jon Byles Hardman"

Welcome to the new St. Paul's website

Published 08-Nov-15 Website

by Paul Barfoot

If you're reading this you have either come purposefully looking for the St. Paul's, Warton website or you have stumbled across this site accidentally. Either way, you are here now, so welcome!

This website has been a long time in the making and thanks need to be made to Stephen Pammenter for the development work he has done to date, and to Rob Willetts and Mike, our Vicar, for the work they have done in the background to make it possible.

Until now the only site for Warton's Parish Church of St. Paul's was the A Church Near You site but there we were just one of a huge number of similarly branded web pages. Now, thanks to Stephen, we have our own, uniquely-styled website.

My first involvement was when I agreed to take over the updating of the old site (many thanks to Margaret Jacobs for her work keeping the site running up until then). Since then I have tried to keep the weekly updates of the News Sheet ongoing, and have added new events in the hope that they would drum up new visitors (it didn't do much for the Aviation displays in the Church last month but at least I tried!). I have also updated the service times since they changed at the beginning of September 2015.

So to this new site; after a quick demo on-line from Stephen I was raring to give it a go. All I needed was an account on the site and some admin privileges which were soon arranged between Rob and Stephen. I got my first try yesterday and found it quite straight-forward and intuitive to use. The About Us page and Service Times were copied over from the old site and links made to the Baptism Form and the News Sheet (still currently hosted on the old site if you check out the links - just got to find out how to upload files onto the new site itself) and it started to take shape.

Before today's Remembrance Service I put the Events for the next week on, and then this afternoon I have added the information about the many Church groups (MU, WI etc.) and all of the events for November. I have spotted that the times for the events aren't related to UK time because one hour before the Remembrance Service it said there was 8 hours to go! Not sure how to solve that one - Ste, any clues? The Blog topics links return the dreaded 404 Error message, and a link to the Pages page doesn't seem to exist. I've had a play with Notices but then couldn't find the one I created - it's gone into a great black hole somewhere (just like all of my Granddad's word processor files that he used to insist had "just disappeared", but that's another story...)

Well, it's over to you all now to use the site and let me know what you think. You'll get the most out of it if you register as you will then get updates about new or changed content, you may even be allowed to contribute yourselves to save me from doing it all. If you like what you see, then thank you, if you don't like it then I'll refer you to my partners in crime, Rob and Stephen!

Best wishes and enjoy the site,

Paul Barfoot

Website Administrator

Fundraising for Church

Published 08-Nov-15 Church Events

by Paul Barfoot

Whenever you want to purchase anything online please go to and not only will you get a great discount yourself but hundreds of companies will give money to Church. You can even help raise funds by using their search engine, for further details please contact Margaret Jacob on 01772 679665.

If you have used EasyFundraising to make purchases that will benefit St. Paul's then let us know how the experience was for you by commenting below.


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