Progress Update on St. Paul’s Church Roof Fund

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by Paul Barfoot

St. Paul’s roof is leaking and is in desperate need of renovation. We have been raising funds to pay for this roof project for over five years.

We have held a number of community events that have been very enjoyable and have helped to raise money including, the InUnison, Oktoberfest and Gemma Doyle concerts. The Christmas market has also been a popular event. We have also received generous gifts, donations and legacies that have enabled us to make progress towards our target.

However, we are unable to start work on the roof until we have all the funds in place. Unfortunately, although we have made steady progress, we are still have a long way to go to reach our target.

In recent weeks we have approached a number of different organisations to seek their support. I am pleased to report that three organisations have awarded us varying amounts of money for the project.

1) We have approached house building companies in the village, and have received a donation of £250 from Miller Homes who are currently developing the Blackfield Green site on Church Road.

2) We have received a grant from the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund. This award was for £1,000. This is a charity set up with the consent of Her Majesty The Queen to benefit causes primarily within the County Palatine.

3) We have also received a grant of £2,200 from Allchurches Trust which is one of the UK's largest grant-making charities and gave £15.6 million to churches, charities and communities in 2017. Its funds come from its ownership of the ‘Ecclesiastical Insurance Group’.

These grants are in addition to an earlier grant from a local charity, the George and Maisie Blackburn Fund(George’s Garage) who awarded us £5,000 last year.

As a result the total for the grants that St. Paul’s roof fund has received, to date, stands at £8,450.


A big Thank You to everyone who has supported us through either direct donations or by supporting our fundraising activies. There's plenty more to do and we will keep you updated on progress.


Ian Fraser, Church Warden